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Made My Tiny Dream Come True on This Weekend


Brisbane Zombie Walk

Brisbane Zombie Walk




周末的這兩天,算是圓了我在澳洲時的一個小小夢想,那就是玩Diablo 3。







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This weekend, I have made my dream I wished in Australia come true, it is playing video game Diablo 3.


I remember when Diablo 3 launched in Taiwan, I was working in a flower farm near Perth. I woke up at five o’clock in the morning, and finish the work at three o’clock in the afternoon, it was like I work in the heaven if it compares with Taiwan. The internet in Australia was inconvenient and my laptop’s grade was not good enough, so only thing I can do is watching the game video on Youtube every day. Now I can play this game at my home, I’m so moving!


I felt the game is nice, not like someone said it’s terrible. Maybe it has released many patch files already, so I couldn’t realize how terrible it was. But if I wanna say something bad for this game, I would say the atmosphere. The Diablo 2 is definitely  better than Diablo 3.


When I had played Diablo 3 for many hours, I though I don’t want to waste too much time on playing video game, I wanna get some fresh air on weekend, so I rode a bike from my house to North along the bicycle path. The scenery is still the same, but people are totally different.




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